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Your Network Doesn’t Look Like It Used To

Even if you still have servers housed in your facility, your network today probably extends beyond your walls. First, there’s your remote workers. Then consider all of the equipment and devices that you have connected to your network. Add to that all of the web-based software that your employees are using. It’s probably time to move your servers to the cloud too.

Benefits of Moving Network Infrastructure to the Cloud

When your IT network is built in the cloud, the servers where your programs and data reside may not be in sight but that doesn’t mean they’re not secure. In fact, the security measures that cloud providers implement are most likely more robust than what you could do on your own.

That doesn’t mean you’re no longer responsible for security. You still have a role to play, especially when it comes to establishing policies for how data and network can be accessed by employees, vendors and other IT systems.

Bumping up your security is just one benefit you’ll experience when you go to the cloud. Here are some other ways cloud computing can help your business:

  • Improve resiliency in the event of a disaster
  • Eliminate large capital expenditures on servers
  • Flexibility when you want to make changes to your business
  • Improve accessibility for both onsite and remote employees
  • Enhance your competitive advantage through efficiency
  • Consolidate network management and maintenance
  • Easily integrate multiple IT systems
  • Improve security compared to on-premise servers
  • Simplify your data backup and disaster recovery plans

Do You Need IT Support If You’re Using the Cloud?

If you no longer have servers and all of the equipment that goes with them, you might wonder if you still need IT support. The answer is – Yes. In fact, most of our clients have their infrastructure in the cloud.

Our local team of IT and cybersecurity professionals deliver managed IT services that help companies leverage IT to improve, innovate and grow their businesses.


Computer users get help when they need it.


We pull all of the layers of technical and non-technical security together

IT Management

Proactive management of your IT resources prevents problems

IT Strategy

We help you plan for the future and use technology more effectively

Don’t Wait for the Next Hurricane Season to Go to the Cloud

While there are many reasons why you should use cloud computing, here on the Gulf Coast, one benefit trumps them all and that’s the ability to not have business operations disrupted in the aftermath of a hurricane. When your IT systems are in the cloud, you can potentially work through a hurricane and a natural disaster won’t disrupt your business like it would if your servers were at your office.